Çikolata Temperleme Makinası ICB

İlan No: #00137361 881
5.000 TL Adet
Kategori: Çikolata Temperleme Makinası
Marka: ICB
Model Yılı: 2014
Ürün Tipi: Satılık
Ürün Durumu: İkinci El (Kullanılmış)
Menşei: İtalya
Teslim Durumu: Hızlı
Konum: Kağıthane / İstanbul / Türkiye
Kısa Detay: 0 Yıl Garantisiz
Satış Detayı: Peşin

Çikolata Temperleme Makinası ICB

Sahibinden 3 ay kullanılmış çok temiz Çikolata Temperleme Makinası. Ürün sıfırdan farksızdır. Fatura edilerek satılacaktır.


• 5.5kg / 12.13 pound Capacity
• Advanced "touch screen" technology, ensures easy operation and consistent results.
• Stainless steel construction, ensures years of operation with an eye-catching design.
• Stainless steel auger.  Removable for cleaning.
• Foot Petal activates chocolate flow through nozzle.
• Night mode, keeps chocolate melted overnight and then tempered in the morning.
• Cleaning process for easy hygienic operation.
• Heat is maintained through heating elements surrounding both the melting tank and auger.
• Cooling is achieved through an internal refrigeration unit.

Chocolate Tempering Operation:
Input chocolate melting temperature and temper temperature into the machine.
After 5 minutes the tank mixing blade starts rotation and the chocolate begins melting.
When the chocolate is fully melted approximately 45 minutes, the auger rotation begins and the chocolate flows from the upper nozzle at 36°C (97F degrees).
After 80 minutes the chocolate reaches 45°C (113F degrees).
After 100 minutes the chocolate reaches 47/48°C (117-119F degrees).
Temper now begins and the chocolate is cooled to 31°C (88F degrees).
Total time is approximately 120 minutes.
* For even faster operation, the chocolate can be melted separately and added to the machine for tempering.

Bowl Capacity: 12.13 pounds  (5.5kg)
Electrical: 240V, 50/60hz, CE certified.  Professional electrical installation maybe required.
Weight: 115 pounds
Dimension: 19" x 18" x 24.5"
Made in Italy - ICB Tecnologie

Çikolata Temperleme Makinası ICB, İkinci El (Kullanılmış) Satılık 5.000 Fiyat'la satılık, inceleyin sipariş verin satın alın!