Vertical Refrigerated Spoon Meat Drum ETDSK-300 / Video

ETDSK 300 Vertical Refrigerated Spoon Meat Drum
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Et Tamburu A.Ş.
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Et Tamburu ETDSK 300

Vertical Refrigerated Spoon Meat Drum 

The vacuum tumbler type ETDSK is produced in the sizes from 300 liters to 1500 liters.

Adjustable working angle, steplessly adjustable rotational speed. interval vacuum as well as individual control are only a few of the benefits of this machine which also finds use in laboratories.

The ETDSK is equipped with wheels to enable the variable application in the cold storage

We can offer the vertical and horizontal Meat Drum Machine we produce with the following features,

  • Hourly product processing capacity from 300 to 1,500 kg
  • refrigerated  
  • Spoon Stirring
  • Moving product mixing and product discharging

Our machines, with these features,

  • Marine / Seasoning
  • Softens the meat
  • mixing it up
  • It feels like he's rested for 36 hours
  • It speeds up the production process
  • Bottle/Getting ready to cook
  • Vacuum
  • It allows transportation without breaking the cold chain.

Our product vacuum drum is designed for massaging and softening products such as ham, sleeve, ribeye, sirloin etc. under vacuum. With its cylindrical body and herringbone inner structure, it ensures that the product is homogenized evenly. With its wide adjustment range automation system according to demand, it provides the increase in the finished product and the best binding of the proteins to the meat. It increases the capacity by reducing the optimum mixing time in obtaining product and protein binding thanks to cooling.

The main function of our product is to provide fast and high quality massage. It provides vacuum mixing and dressing of processed materials. When using the vacuum it ensures thorough mixing of the raw materials and ultimately improves the bond in the product to release the natural adhesives and subsequently to ensure strength when cutting the product. It contributes significantly to the production of high-quality products with both excellent taste and good texture in slaughter.


900mm 2350 mm 1700 mm - -
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