Kaplan 140 Stone Collector (3) 3 / Video

Tutkun Kardeşler Kaplan

Kaplan 140 Stone Collector


With Tutkun Kardesler Stone Collector, you can easily collect the stones in your field.

Stone Collector is a machine specially produced for collecting stones 30 cm deep and on the surface in your field.

This machine can also be used to collect stones from sites in industrial areas and to clean beach sands.

Stone Collector  easily collects stones of 200cm, 175cm, 140cm  working width,  3cm and 40cm in  size.

Soil and stones smaller than 3 cm are mixed back into the soil through the sieve.

Thanks to the hydraulic unloading system, you can unload the stones to the corner of the trailer, truck or field.

Stone Collecting Machine will serve you for many years as it is made with solid structure and high quality materials.

Thanks to the vibrating screen, it offers the opportunity to work easily even in moist soils.

It does not take soil into its tank, since it sieves the soil easily, it increases the mobility of the tractor without difficulty and thus saves fuel.

Thanks to the newly designed drum system, spring breakage is prevented.

It is designed to ensure the longevity of the parts and the possibility of easy replacement of wearing parts.

Working Depth (Max.) 30-35cm
Size 520 cm
Road Width 225 cm
Height 255cm
Working Width 140 cm
Storage Height 255cm
Min/Max Stone Diameter 3 - 35 cm
Storage Capacity Max. 4500 kg
Required Tractor Power 50 - 65 HP
Weight 2800 kg


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