26-65 Kw Air Source Heat Pump

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Green Breath
26-65 kW Air Source Heat Pump

Heat pump: cools the source from which it receives energy when it is in heating mode, and heats it when cooling.

This process is the gas taking the energy with the phase change and carrying this energy. All heat pumps work on the same principle.

The resulting heat is released as a result of the cooling process.

The closest example to a heat pump is the refrigerator. It takes the heat of the food and air in the refrigerator, while the fluid in the system cools the interior of the refrigerator, it gives heat to the kitchen. This is the reason why the pipes behind the cabinet are always hot.

Refrigerator structure compressor increases the energy taken from inside the cabinet 3-4 times and transmits it to the back as heat.

Although the purpose of the refrigerator is cooling, it releases heat during the cooling process.

With this principle, we can cool another environment while heating an environment in heat pumps, or we can heat another environment while cooling an environment.

With this principle, heat pumps meet our heating, cooling and hot water needs in our buildings.

The heat pump is determined according to the need, it is available only in devices suitable for heating or cooling only.

Heat Pump Working Principle
Geothermal heat pumps, which do not operate differently from conventional heat pumps, simply work as follows.
1. It is placed under the ground with certain rules. The pipes in which the heat carrier fluid circulates provide heat exchange with the soil.
2. Electric circulation pump. It circulates the heat carrier fluid in underground pipes called heat pit (drilling, etc.).
3. The heat energy from the heat sink reaches the evaporator. Thanks to the heat energy reaching the evaporator, the refrigerant evaporates.
4. The refrigerant is circulated in a closed circuit and under pressure. The refrigerant reaching the compressor in gaseous form is compressed, increasing the pressure and thus the temperature.
5. After leaving the compressor, the refrigerant entering the condenser transfers most of the heat to the heating installation cycle. The cooled fluid condenses and passes into the liquid phase.
6. Then the pressure is reduced in the expansion valve and it returns to the beginning of the low temperature refrigerant cycle.
A heat pump is an electrically powered system based on the principle of transporting heat energy from one environment to another. When the necessary conditions are met, high amounts of energy can be used at low costs.
For most people, heat pump is a new term. However, devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners and deep freezers, which are the products of the same logic as the heat pump operating principle, are used in our homes. Since the operation logic of these devices is based on the principle of transporting heat, these devices can be grouped under the heading of heat pump. It is an inevitable result that the heat pump will become more widespread in our country in the near future.
What are the Benefits of the Heat Pump to the User?

The Heat Pump is the system with the lowest energy consumption, service and maintenance costs.
Users can independently heat and cool as much as they want. In addition, each user pays as much energy as they use.
The heat pump device that is most suitable for the layout and interior decoration of the place can be selected.
Since there is no combustion in its structure, it does not have risks such as explosion, fire and poisoning.
It does not require additional equipment such as gas line, gas meter and chimney system.
It has no odor or smoke.
Each heat pump can be controlled by a remote controller or a thermostat, connected to the building automation system.

Is Heat Pump More Economical? Why should we use it?

A heat pump is a system that carries the energy in nature (soil, air or water) into the building as heat by consuming very little energy or cools the building by doing the opposite.

Energy consumption remains very low compared to the energy received.

For 1 kW of energy expenditure, we can get between 4 and 8.5 (cop) energy depending on the source used.

This ratio is related to the floor energy source and at the same time, it reaches maximum efficiency with underfloor heating systems.

In our underfloor heating calculations, we should choose the required circulation water temperature as 40 C.

If these are not taken into account in the floor heating calculations, heat pump devices will consume more energy.

Thanks to the computer software we have developed, heat loss calculations are made in direct proportion to the climate information in all Turkey calculations and the efficient use of energy is ensured.

Why Heat Pump ?

What are the pros?

It provides savings between 45% and 85% compared to electricity and solid fuels. These rates vary according to air, soil and water source. The heat pump has remote control unit or room thermostat (optional) control.
No explosion hazard.
No Fire Hazard.
There is no chimney.
No smoke.
No smell.
No waste.
There is aesthetics.
It has ease of installation.
There is clean energy.
There is comfort.
There is gain.
It works silently.
Heat pump: devices are available in many different capacities, providing heating, cooling, hot water for buildings of all sizes.
While providing these opportunities, heat pumps use air, soil, sea and lake resources, which are the energy options in our nature, and consume very low energy. It can be designed for any structure. Thanks to the developing technology, its efficiency is seen at the highest level when it is designed and applied correctly.
Instead of using boilers, air conditioners and similar systems separately in our buildings, only the heat pump meets the heating, cooling and hot water needs of our buildings with a single device.

Flexibility in Architecture: Since there is a wide choice of indoor units in different units, there is a suitable indoor unit type for every building.
It can be easily applied in accordance with architectural needs. With the right system setup, each user can independently heat and cool.
Low Investment and Maintenance Cost: When evaluated from the investor's point of view, the fact that the main devices are purchased by the users provides more than 50% mechanical savings in the first investment, and an advantage in sales and rentals.
They are long-lasting systems with low maintenance costs.
Reliable Technology: It is a technology that has been tried in Turkey and the world and has been used for many years.
There are many applications that work with soil-based, sea and lake-sourced and groundwater in Turkey.
In fact, Europe's largest groundwater application, Europe's 5th largest soil-based application and some of Europe's largest marine-based applications are working in Turkey.
Some of these projects were established and put into operation by our TOPRAK ENERJİ company.
Wide Device Selection; The heat pump is not a single device type.
Many different types and sizes of heat pump devices are available, from 4 kW to 10,000 kW capacities.
The important thing is to select and apply the appropriate heat pump systems and models for each type of building.
The System That Gains While Consuming

Today, we have to meet the heating and cooling costs of our buildings.

However, energy consumption costs are quite high, but did you know that the standard consumption decreased by 85% when the ground source heat pump project was installed?
The ground source heat pump, which increases its installation cost in 3.5 years with its savings, leaves an amount equal to its own expense in your pocket 14 times during the healthy building life, which is accepted as 50 years in the construction industry.
Earn while you consume

The amount of energy you can get from nature according to variable soils (rock, sand, clay, gravel) is the study after determining the number of drillings according to the total need (KW) after the university's tests.

It is seen as the only result, especially in projects with space problems. This system provides heating and cooling with the highest efficiency.

The amount of energy you can get from nature according to variable soils (rock, sand, clay, gravel) is a paving system applied in small projects, in the example of villas, where there is no land problem according to the total need (KW) after the tests of the university.

According to variable soils (rock, sand, clay, gravel), the amount of energy you can get from nature is a natural energy source that can be used in a project in the 3rd alternative in order to gain from the ground in accordance with the total need (KW) after the tests of the university.

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