50×70 Automatic Nylon Fusing Machines

İlan No : #00188759
Kategori: 120 cm Tela Presi
Marka: MCN Saben
Model Tipi: ERT 50×70
Ürün Tipi: Satılık
Ürün Durumu: Sıfır
Menşei: Türkiye
Teslim Durumu: Stokta Var
Konum: Yenibosna (Merkez) Mah. / Bahçelievler / İstanbul
Satış Detayı: Takas Olur, Vade Olur, Leasing'e Uygun, Kredi Kartına Taksit, Çekle Şatış, Havale / EFT, Kredi Kartı, Krediye Uygun, Kosgeb Destekli
Fiyat Sorunuz
Min. Sipariş 1 Adet

MCN Machine ERT 50×70

50×70 Automatic Nylon Fusing Machines 

Our automatic nylon fusing machine is used in the embroidery processes of textile in general and offer a rapid and practical solution for cleaning of waste yarn left behind products. Transfer heat press operates via a pneumatic system. The head on the upper table is loaded onto the induction shaft and it can; thus, very easily moves automatically rightward and leftward. This body is also equipped with a control panel. Heat, time, and pressure can be adjusted on the control panel. Transfer heat pressure can be adjusted between 0 to 6 bars depending on the assignment. The upper table functions as a transfer press and is coated with a special Teflon tape with an interior heat insulation rubber that prevents any damage to the products worked. Once the two lower tables have heat up to the desired level, nylon interlining is covered thereon to healthily start the cleaning process.

MCN Machine ERT 50×70 Technical Specification

ERT 50×70
ERT 60×80
6 KW
8 KW
10 – 60 SN
10 – 60 SN
0 – 10 KG
0 – 10 KG
0 – 200 °C
0 – 200 °C
380V AC 50 HZ
380V AC 50 HZ
100 x 180 x 170 cm
100 x 180 x 170 cm
450 kg
550 kg

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