Autocopy Paper K002

Fiyat Sorunuz
İlan No: #00180054
Kategori: Otokopili Kağıt
Marka: Real Machinery
Model Tipi: K002
Ürün Tipi: Satılık
Ürün Durumu: Sıfır
Menşei: Türkiye
Teslim Durumu: Stokta Var
Konum: İkitelli OSB Mah. / Başakşehir / İstanbul
Kısa Detay: 2 Yıl Garantili
Satış Detayı: Havale / EFT, Görüşülür

Autocopy Paper K002

What is Autocopy Paper?

Thanks to its permeability feature, autocopy papers are widely used in many areas, allowing the writings to be copied onto the underlying paper without the need for carbon paper. Autocopy papers are frequently used in prescriptions, sales receipts, receipts and tickets, especially in the waybill and invoicing.

Autocopy Paper Types

While autocopy papers can be produced in various types and sizes depending on the area of ​​use, there are basically two types of autocopy paper. Hardcover autocopy printing papers are produced for ink pen use and can produce only a few copies. Autocopied printing papers that are not bound, on the other hand, can produce the desired number of copies and are used with digital or electronic copying devices. Uses of Autocopy Paper Autocopy papers have a wide variety of uses. Autocopy papers can be used in every field where copy is required. Autocopy papers are often used in business areas such as accounting, in the travel industry, or in jobs that require receipts. Unlike carbon papers, autocopy papers have a special solution. In this respect, it is extremely practical to use.

Autocopy Paper Prices Autocopy

paper prices may vary depending on the type, quality and weight of the autocopy paper. With wholesale autocopy paper, the desired type, size and quality of autocopy paper can be produced. Logo printing, various prints or table drawings can be used ready-made on autocopy papers to be used for works such as cargo, receipt, waybill. You can contact us by visiting our contact page to get information about wholesale autocopy paper prices and to learn about the qualities of the autocopy papers we produce.

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