Briket Parke Taşı Makinası Full Automatic Concrete Blocks And Curbstone and Paver Machine / Video

Briket Parke Taşı Makinası Full Automatic Concrete Blocks And Curbstone and Paver Machine
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Aradsan TPRN 2530

 Full Automatic Concrete Blocks Curbstone and Paver Machine

The system of TP.RN 2530 (special) can produce different types of concrete parts such as curbstones , paver and cement blocks.
This machine is powerful and fast which can produce products with high quality at a short time.
This machine is the result of constant improvement (quality and efficiency) and effort of ARADSAN Company in several years.
1/1: Heavy machine frame was made from special industrial box that can tolerate pressure from jacks and shakes of vibrators.
1/2: Specification of tools that was used in TP.RN 2530
pump generator : VEM or WAT
Vibrate generator : WAT
All of electromotor regulation : GAMAK or WAT
Jacks piston tubes : Germany type (BOSH OR BOHLER Mark )
Moulds are made from integrated sheet (STD 52)
Hydraulic hoses : FLEX or SEL
Machine control taps : Italian mark - DEPLOMAT
Moulds are made of ST52 sheets. types and parts that are exposed for corrosion will be made from non corrosion sheets
control panel includes (TELE- SIEMENS) made in Germany, France TELE pieces and touch screen 15 inch monitor
All of micro switches and telemechanic sensors are of France or Muller Germany .
Mixer internal sheets are made of Sweden Hradox OR Dillidur Germany .
Radiate oil cooling system is cooled by air.
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