İlan No: #00111209
Kategori: Tel Erezyon Makina Temizleyici ve Koruyucu
Marka: Se Cleaner
Model Tipi: 0201021
Model Yılı: 2017
Ürün Tipi: Satılık
Ürün Durumu: Sıfır ( Yeni )
İlan Tarihi: 02.01.2013
İlan Bitiş Tarihi: 01.01.2018
Konum: Başakşehir / İstanbul / Türkiye
 Satıcıya Mesaj Gönder Veya Soru Sor

Yetkili: Beşgen Metal

Başakşehir / İstanbul / Türkiye

Tel Erezyon Makina Temizleyici Ve Koruyucu Se Cleaner 0201021


Item no.: 0201021
OEM no.: 0201021

Spray can 500 ml

Removes deposits during the injection moulding process without machine stoppages.


During the processing of plastics deposits can arise in the tool which impair the quality of the moulded parts. These deposits consists of decomposition products from the plastic material or mixtures of these containing substances such as stabilisers, flame-retardent additives, anti-static agents and propellants. The formation of deposits is accelerated by high material temperatures and poor tool ventilation.

SE CLEANER contains a combination of special solvents and if applied in a timely fashion removes deposits from tools without causing any major stoppages. SE CLEANER is applied by spraying the tool and wiping it off following this after allowing a short period for it to take effect. SE CLEANER removes polystyrene and copolymers, cellulose acetates, polyacrylates and polycarbonates very easily. During processing care must be taken to ensure that no solvent residues remain in the tool.

SE CLEANER only removes polyamides and PVC at higher temperatures.

SE CLEANER does not remove polyacetals, polyolefins and polyethylenglycol terephthalates. To remove stubborn polyacetal deposits, you spray the SE CLEANER into the hot tool upon the first signs of deposit formation and remove the deposit along with the next moulded articles that are produced. Polyacetel deposits can be removed at temperatures of 70°C upwards in the tool temperature, POM Deposits can be removed at temperatures of 80°C and higher.

SE CLEANER does not dissolve mineral grease. Partial degreasing of the tool can occur if applied copiously. Therefore, in the case of tools with tight-fitting, moving slides and pins, a check should be carried out by carefully opening and closing the tool to establish whether re-greasing is required.

SE CLEANER is free of chlorofluorocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

ANTIKOR does not contain and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Do not allow SE CLEANER to get into your eyes. It would result in severe eye irritations with subsequent eye inflammation!

SE CLEANER is available both in spray cans as well as in liquid form.
(in the case of bulk fluid we recommend the use of our refillable MULTISPRAYERS.)

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