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 Automatic upcut saw with circular saw blade for serial cutting of PVC and Aluminium profiles in desired angles. The operator has  the possibility to adjust the cutting speed of the saw blade via knob according to material type and size.      Cutting at fixed angles of 15° 22.5° 30° 45° 90°,  and at intermediate angles via fixing arm. Machine has been designed according to  Safety Directives. The movable back fence enables straight and angle cutting of broad profiles. The cutti... Devamını Gör>>

Single-Head Welding Machine

Satılık Sıfır ( Yeni ) 2017 Model

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  The machine is composed of steel plate chassis guaranteeing stability, tables made from 30 mm aluminum plates, in order to provide accuracy of welding PVC profiles by melting in each time, are placed on the chassis so that table precision is accomplished with left tables movement of libays bearings. Both side of the machine is equipped with profile supports for handling long profiles parallel to the table easing precious stability. Adjustable set squares placed over Aluminum ta... Devamını Gör>>

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