Aggregate Batching Systems Bunker

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İlan No: #00229413
Kategori: Bunker
Marka: Merkon
Model Tipi: Aggregate
Ürün Tipi: Satılık
Ürün Durumu: Sıfır
Menşei: Türkiye
Teslim Durumu: Stokta Var
Konum: Koçullu Köyü / Çekmeköy / İstanbul
Satış Detayı: Havale / EFT, Görüşülür

Satıcıyla iletişim kur

Merkon Makine

Merkon Kalıp Makine Sanayi Ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

Danışman : Safa M.


Aggregate Batching Systems Bunker

It is the beginning of the “conversion to structure” story in your factory. It is the point where components from different geographies and landforms in nature, broken in different sizes and classified according to certain sizes, are stocked so that they can be weighed according to needs and taken into the system. Tens of tons of concrete aggregate that you will produce all day passes through the bunker. Despite this weight and the geographical difficulties of the region where it is located, it should have a solid construction in order to work smoothly for a long time. In addition, precise weighing must be done continuously so that the desired concrete product quality is not compromised.
As the raw material variety in recipes increase, so does their sensitivity. Especially with the lower size aggregates, it is hard to keep the ratio correct with a wide opening gate, since the material gets poured down quickly. Pouring with a conveyor belt would make sure the system avoids faulted recipe intakes.
Big sized ingredients does takes the highest ratio of the recipe. Since every second matters in a well- functioning plant, pneumatic gate covers are simple yet smart choice in order to lower the weigh in durations of relatively bigger sized aggregate materials.
When the recipe of the batch gets ultimately sensitive, the solution to stay on top this all the time is possible by a rotary valve. Thanks to its partially segmented design, the maximum tolerance is limited from the initial design, so the perfect batch is guaranteed from day one.

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