50-60 Bpm Modular Threaded Capping Machine

İlan No : #00185157
Kategori: Vidalı Kapak Kapama Makinası
Marka: Elektromag
Model Tipi: M-KAP-C01
Ürün Tipi: Satılık
Ürün Durumu: Sıfır
Menşei: Türkiye
Teslim Durumu: Stokta Var
Konum: Üniversite Mah. / Avcılar / İstanbul
Kısa Detay: 2 Yıl Garantili
Satış Detayı: Havale / EFT, Görüşülür
Sertifikalar: TSE
Fiyat Sorunuz
Min. Sipariş 1
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 Elektromag M-KAP-C01

50-60 BPM Modular Threaded Capping Machine

• Advanced easy-to-use Beckhoff PLC control system

• Touchscreen 7'' or 15'' operator panel

• The capping machine is designed for capping a wide variety of bottles.

• The capping machine provides changes according to the type of cap and bottle used.

• It stops automatically when the caps are tightened to the desired torque.

• Different molds are available according to standard cap sizes and special cap sizes.

• It can be used safely in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industries.

• It provides easy integration with other machines.

• Transparent plexi protective door security.

• It provides effective dust protection with its completely closed structure.

• The machine is designed to be easily cleaned.

• Adjustments of the machine are easily made with flywheels and numerators.

• Closed enclosure in CE norms to ensure occupational safety and environmental cleanliness

• Sensors (photocell) used on the machine SICK, KEYENCE, DI-SONIC

• Pneumatic materials used on the machine IO-LINK SMC, FESTO

• All reducers used on the machine are Bonfiglioli

• All 304 and 316 stainless materials used on the machine are licensed.

• Easy change in a short time

• Ease of maintenance and service

System: Star

Working principle: Stop & Go

Construction: Chassis is stainless steel, other surfaces are anodized aluminum and PE materials.

Control unit: Beckhoff

Packaging: Plastic, glass, metal

Cap type: Threaded cap, Aluminum ROPP (Roll-on pilfer-proof), Press on snap cap

Closure system: Servo/Magnetic clamping, Piston snapping and Aluminum ROPP

Electricity requirement: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phases

Air requirement: 6-8 Bar

Energy consumption: 5 kW

Air consumption: 300 lt/min

Weight: ~950 kg

Capacity: 50-60 BPM

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